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athensGA wrote:

RSColo wrote:

Two weeks ago Leica announced the Leica M10 Monochrom camera. This camera has the largest sensor of any M Leica ever. Without the color filter over the sensor it is even higher resolution than a color 40mp would be. It isn't an existing camera with a psychedelic paint job endorsed by Paul McCartney. It is a major step forward.

So far, on this forum, there is a thread about the great review by Jono Slack and a thread started by me asking about availability (still haven't found one). That's it. There is a related thread about a possible new color M camera with the new Monochrom's sensor. But no posting of more images or members talking about the great new features or the important features that are missing. Granted, a discussion about the high price on this forum would probably be re-redundant again. But there is very little about this new camera.

Why? Is a camera that only takes B&W not very interesting? Is the fact that this is the third camera in the Monochrom series mean it is unimportant. If this was a new Q or the new white version of an existing lens there would probably be more conversation. It just seems strange to me. Of course I am biased being a big Monochrom fan. But I thought there would be more.

I must say, 1. I generally prefer color to black and white images.

2. I am not NEARLY a good enough photographer to justify a $8200 camera.

3. I could afford it. But $8200 compounded over 7 years average stock market gains is $16500 dollars vs a maybe resale price of $5000. So that's $11000 loss which represents 2 years of property tax for my paid for house.

4. Yet given all that practical b.s. I must say I'm very impressed with the output i've seen and I wish I could justify it. Pretty sure it would make me a great photographer!

Just realized your posted the comparison to stock gain a month ago

If you need high resolution there is SL2/A7R IV with IBIS. If you need better ISO, the one stop better improvement on ISO in M10M over M10 is eaten up by going to 47MP without IBIS let alone A7 III does much better job for 1/4 the cost. If you need uniqueness of rendering pick up M9M or M8.2 or even a Fuji with film simulation. If you need RF simplicity and true bnw state of mind, get an M6/M7/MP with Tri-X film. I would only put this amount of money for new digital Leica when they introduce M EVF...

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