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Re: Samsung messed up the implementation

Lee Jay wrote:

Jostian wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

Jostian wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

Jostian wrote:

See here from another S20U thread, just to show the poor jpeg processing, top crop is the SOOC jpeg and the bottom is from the RAW file. Why can't Samsung get their SOOC jpegs looking more like what you can get from RAW?? not this over-processed waxy rubbish.

And those are at what ratio (mine were 1:1) and from what cameras?

Without useful information, these mean nothing.

And if you can't answer the question you answered, you don't understand what "raw" means.

idiotic comment indeed, how old are you, 5?

Yes, and I've been a photographer for 40 years.

I'm still waiting for those originals from those crops...??

I can't provide the originals because they were taken in a store and other customers were in the pictures.

Haha, good one! how did you crop them in-store? what a load of BS!! I'll call you out, liar!

mmm just the 12mp SOOC jpeg compared to the 12mp RAW, from main (wide) lens at 100% crop as is the norm...

So, not useful then, since the main camera is 108MP not 12MP.

and you still dont get it, your 108 jpegs looked like trash, the 12 mp jpegs look just as poor, but the RAWs look great,

They aren't raw, since they are 12MP, not 108MP.

Hey dimwit the S20 Ultra cannot capture RAW at 108mp, it captures RAW at 12mp!!!!!!!!!!

thats the issue, not the bloody lenses etc. Its the poor jpeg processing Samsung is using.

On the main camera, but not on the others including the 64MP telephoto camera on my S20.

The ones I posted were crops from the 108MP main camera taken at 108MP and from the telephoto camera in the only mode it will output.

Yes and they looked like a smeary waxy mess as has been shown already!

Yes - unlike those from the ultrawide on the S20 Ultra,

again BS!

the telephoto on the S20 Ultra and all three cameras on my S20.

I'm tired of your BS and outright lies! Cheers have a great life with your S20 and its "supersharper" than main camera ultrawide camera!

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