Samsung 16mm vs 20mm

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Re: Samsung 16mm vs 20mm

markyboy81 wrote:

MikeDPR wrote:


  • Pretty sharp overall but has pronounced focal plane curvature which may require you to adjust your focusing routine. It may be sample dependent. If you can work with that attribute, it's a nice lens to have due to compactness and price.


  • Pretty sharp overall but has significant barrel distortion. It's correctable in post but sharpness loss due to correction will be noticeable if you pixel peep. Again, a nice lens to have for compactness and price. Ideal focal length and compactness for street photography.

Good summary. Could you explain "pronounced focal plane curvature which may require you to adjust your focusing routine." Does this mean that it's more pronounced the close you are to the subject?

Yes, I found it is more noticeable if you are closer to the subject. To work around, I would often use higher f number than expected (for given 16mm focal length, focusing distance and DOF) to get more DOF and/or use off-center area of frame to focus on. I guess It all depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you are shooting a close-up, it can sometimes actually be a good thing. lol

The 16mm under some use case can be exceptionally sharp and useful. Here's a sample I found on Internet (Flickr?). Credit goes to Daniel Kulinski who I believe produced many nice sample images for Samsung for a while.

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