Anyone reversed lens on 300D?

Started Oct 16, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Re: Anyone reversed lens on 300D?

Reversing lens (depending on the lens, usually a good 50mm it´s enough) gaves you a great macro capability (much more than closeup filters) . I used it a lot with my old film camera EOS-30 it had excellent results doing macros.

Look at this site and see what a reversed lens can do with some technique :

I think it will work well with 300D, just need to figure out how to attached it... when i buy I´ll test...


Chankit Yongpiyakul wrote:

I've never heard of "reversing" a lens... Is this a common thing?

Criag Foster did a good illustration on 'what' reversed lens looks
like. I'm not so sure if this is particularly workable with 300D,
although I think it should.

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