Sigma AF 150-600mm f5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports Lens Nikon

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Re: Sigma AF 150-600mm f5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports Lens Nikon

I have owned this lens for three years, using it on a D500 and a D850. Of note, for some reason, it did not focus that well on my D800, but does great on the other two bodies.

Here are my thoughts:

a. Image quality is the most important criteria for me, and my sample is superb -- razor sharp images with good color and contrast. There is some fall-off in the corners, but I use the lens primarily for wildlife photography (mostly birds) and end up cropping, so the corners do not matter that much to me. The corner fall-off can also be corrected fairly easily in post processing. Even when pixel-peeping, it is hard to distinguish an image from this lens to one taken with my 600mm f4 Nikkor (sounds like heresy, but true). It also has very nice bokeh.

b. Autofocus on both the D500 and D850 is excellent. It is not quite as fast/snappy as my 600mm f4, but the difference is not great.

c. The lens is heavy, but can be hand-held fairly easily (albeit not for long periods of time). I use a detachable strap attached to the lugs on the lens, and it easy to carry this way.

d, I find that the optical stabilization system works very well. I have been astounded that I can hand-hold a 600mm lens at full zoom at fairly low speeds (about 1/100 or 1/200 second) and get incredibly sharp images.

e. When using the Sigma 1.4TC, the quality is average at best. It works okay with stationary objects, but does not do well with moving objects (e.g., birds in flight). Since the lens is at f8+ with the TC, this should not be unexpected. Even with stationary objects, though, do not expect the lens/TC combination to be anywhere near a sharp as a prime/TC set-up.

Overall, I would give the lens five stars -- great optical performance, well-built, and far more portable than a massive prime lens.

Green heron - 150-600mm Sigma Sport, 1/800, f8, ISO 720

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