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Re: Eye Edit

Miroslav_1 wrote:

kpr1291 wrote:

How do you do that eye edit?

If unnatural reflections or shapes are visible in eye I do animal eye edit in Photoshop. Sometimes the edit can help to improve the sense of eye contact with animal too. Furthermore in some cases the dust spots can be removed too.

I hope you won't mind me using your picture. For my taste, due to square shape I would edit 2 big eyes only. The rest of small eyes could be acceptable.

Steps for 1 eye:

  1. Create mask, fill dark brown (for instance Eyedropper + Paint Bucket Tools). Below is the result with mask turned on.

  2. Deselect mask, create new layer. Create new elliptic mask for the center of eye. Adjust the edge of the mask (play at least with Shift Edge and Feather mask properties). Fill with white color.
  3. Create 3rd layer. Do point 2 again but this time create a larger elliptic mask.
  4. Play with opacity and brightness of 2 layers. Below is photo at this stage.

  5. To change eye contact, play with the moving of layers.
  6. To remove dust spots I use Spot Healing Brush Tool. The result is:

I'm just in transition from Photoshop CS6 to Photoshop CC. Some more simple or efficient tools could be available in CC too. After some experience the edit takes for sure less than 5 minutes for 2 eyes.

Hope it helps and other members can give more tips or opinion too. Sorry for my bad English.

Hi Miroslav,

Thanks for your taking your time on doing this! Very nice explanation, I will have to download PS since I currently only use LR but I am aware that I need may some tools from PS as well in order to improve my editing skills.

Your english is fine, I am not native either and understood everything with no problem.



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