What Nikon camera for old manual lenses?

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Re: With my Df...

RJSinNY wrote:

Stan Disbrow wrote:


The smaller the pixel pitch, the greater the resolution the lens needs. So, old lenses which function just fine on the Df can become soft looking on the D850 or Z7.


Thanks for the education!

That's only half the story.  If you were to view a shot from the Df and one from the D850 at the same size, you would find that the shots would not become "soft looking."  In fact, since the MTF of the D850's sensor is higher than that of the Df, and MTF of an optical system is equal to the product of the MTF's of each component, the shot from the D850 would be sharper.

But if you look at a 100% crop from each camera, say on a computer screen, then you'll be viewing less of the shot from the D850 than from the Df.  The higher magnification is what makes things look "soft looking."  "Enthusiasts" now view shots that way, but in most cases I'm trying to have the viewer take in the shot as a whole.  The exception are shots like group portraits, where people naturally "zoom in with their eyes" on people in the shot they know.

Soon after buying my D800, I bought a 43-86mm f/3.5 AI, generally considered one of NIkon's worst lenses, to demonstrate this.  Sure enough, the shots from a D800 were considerably sharper than those from film.  On the other hand, even the best sensor isn't going to cure the fun-house distortion that lens brings to the party.

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