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Re: Samsung messed up the implementation

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its hybrid, and the IQ is not great at all, as shown, or is it also out of focus. Your own photos of the tree showed very poor jpeg processing (smeary and waxy) as mentioned by numerous others.

From the main camera,

yes. Not from the telephoto camera

mmm, here's a 100% crop from the 108 mp jpeg file from another thread on the S20 Ultra, if you are happy with this, great for you, I know I wont be...

I've trimmed and highlighted this so your amazingly short attention span and inherent illiteracy can (hopefully) follow it.

oooh, such harshness... your 'inherent illiteracy' chirp is quite funny, coming from you! And you think the telephoto lens will miraculously use different jpeg processing to the other lenses...

It uses a Sony sensor instead of a Samsung sensor. It doesn't have pixel binning. So, yes.

but the Samsung processing algorithms will be the same.

if you look at the crops you'll see the processing is the same.


You must be speaking loosely. Two processings from different source code are at best similiar in many cases but definitely are not exactly the same. Comparing two sets of different source code will not be exactly the same unless are identical which more than likely they not the identical in this case. Similar to your eye Jostian the cases may be. If you speak precisely how can they be the same?

as per any phone that has more than one camera (wide, UW and tele) the jpeg processing is the same in terms of jpeg IQ produced

That statement is entirely false.

no, the processing algorithms are the same, you don't get different looking outputs from different lens, the IQ SOOC has the same look as per the numerous reviews we've see for the S20 Ultra and other phones, the jpegs SOOC have the same look for the different lenses.

, you dont get different processing across different lenses in terms of jpeg IQ produced.

Yes, you do.

not in terms of SOOC jpegs

Obviously the code will be different as the different sensors have different specs etc.

And hence, the results are different.

Differences include:

  • IR filters
  • Dye transmission curves
  • Well capacities
  • Read noise
  • Quantum efficiency
  • Microlens array
  • Lens aberrations
  • Black point measurement

All these things mean that processing is tuned to each sensor.

OMG we know this, but the SOOC jpegs have the same look across lenses, look at the crops from the different lenses that have been posted they have the same look to them.

top crop is S20U wide lens, bottom crop is the ultrawide, see the same smeary look to the branch detail and leaves on both...same jpeg processing algorithms!

I agree with you that both images have similiar looking smear but to be precise I for one can nto realy say it is the same.   I do not know what Zoom factors you used for each image.  Is it 0.5X  and 1X?    They appear to be cropped as you state. Are the both cropped the same amount.  From the angle of view and not knowing the zoom factor judging the smear factor that is present in both trees to some degree is hard to quantitatively judge.   I do not believe from my picturee taking the smearing that I can see at times appears in all images at all light levels.   I do disagree with your belief that smearing exists and that I do wish Samsung would work on this a  lot and I also wish that Samsung would provide  means for taking 108MP raw image for exporting  to computer processing in the procamera mode.

I would like Verizon to hurrary up and distribute to US users the new version of the camera that Samsung provided them with to so that I see what is still there.  AT&T has distributed it to their customers according to a Dpreview report yesterday so hopefull Verison version is not far away.

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