Anxiety induced G.A.S

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Re: Anxiety induced G.A.S

Heavens Light wrote:

... I found a cheap 27mm and with that on the XE3 it's so similar in form factor to the 100 it makes little practical difference. Yes, it's f2.8 vs f2.0 but really, unless you specifically want the OVF (which I didn't) and the aperture ring on the lens then the XE3 + 27mm is a great replacement. Size wise it's practically identical and is actually a little lighter than the X100F. And the 27 is a lovely lens, very sharp.

Except you lose:

  • Leaf shutter for flash at high speed
  • 3 stop ND filter

Those two features let you do magical things during day.

1/300th of a second at f/2 at ISO 100

"The first thing you have to realize with a leaf-shutter compact is that even the tiny little built-in flash actually becomes surprisingly useful. Is it powerful? Nope, not by a long shot. But cranking the shutter and shooting wide open gets you a lot of bang for your lumen buck. Also, being able to shoot flash wide open in daylight gives your photos a look that almost (ironically) evokes the soft backgrounds of a much bigger chip."

Leaf Shutter + ND + Flash: A Fuji X100s Daylight Primer

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