What Nikon camera for old manual lenses?

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Re: With my Df...


For me, the Df is a modern FE or FA. I used both of those a lot. It was what I wanted back in 1999 but didn't exist. I prefer the control knobs  over pushing buttons and using the dial. The D4 sensor is excellent. The size is smaller and lighter than my FA with MD15 motor drive and MF12 data back. It gives the same functionality.

And I have many AI Converted, AI and AIS lenses and a couple Pre-AI. The Df works with them all. My concern with pixel pitch is going too small with these lenses isn't all that good an idea. My current project could use more MP than the Df but if I went to even 36 MP I would probably be looking at buying new lenses. The cost is prohibitive. This also applies to the AF and AFD lenses I have. All older film era ones.

The medium format I decided to give a try is the Pentax 645D. That is 40 MP with a 44x33mm Kodak sensor. Before I finally bought a Df, I was using a Kodak 36x36mm 16 MP digital back on a Contax 645. So the size of the rig is fine by me. If this project actually makes money, then I would consider something newer by way of MF. But this is a good beginning. I bought a 645D from Roberts for $1600. And the lenses are much less than their Nikon equivalents.


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