Z primes vs Leica M lenses

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Re: Z primes vs Leica M lenses

as1mov wrote:


do you think the Z primes are on par with or even better than the Leica M lenses for the M10 system?

Thank you.

I have not had the energy of going through the 3 pages of responses to your question, so apologies for being late and apologies for potentially repeating what others have said.

1. I own a Z7 and a M10 (see my gear list for lenses).

2. The Z7 and its Z mount lenses bring back a MUCH larger number of technically "perfect" shots than the M10 and its lenses. This is due to excellent autofocus, IBIS, resolution and dynamic range. The Z lenses are beyond reproach.

3. The M10 and its m-mount lenses usually bring back better photographs than the Z7. This is due to shooting less pictures per session, taking more thought to frame (no zoom) and feeling less encumbered by gear when shooting. They are more "fun" to use, which also helps. But I get many more technical defects (shake blur, slightly sub-optimal focus, etc). My M lenses, on the M10, perform well. Some are brilliant.

4. The M lenses are MUCH better than the Z lenses in terms of size and haptics. They perform optimally with M cameras. They are quirky on Z cameras.

5. The Z lenses perform MUCH better than the M lenses in terms of features, system integration, software aided corrections. They only work on Z cameras.

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