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Re: Waste of Bandwidth

Bill Ferris wrote:

Smaug01 wrote:

Bill Ferris wrote:

Photographers have trouble holding polite, informed conversations about photography. That kind of discussion about coronavirus is beyond capacity. Anyone seeking general information or guidance about COVID-19 coronavirus, should go to the experts:

I have a read almost every post in all four of these threads so far. I've had to snip a few, but overall, we're doing pretty well as far as being polite. As far as being informed, most of us are posting our references, so if a person feels like the other person is not well-informed, he can consider the source and make his own decision on the matter.

I am learning more than I expected from these threads. Personal, regional perspectives not discussed by the orders. Things that occurred to us for which there is no specific guidelines from the government.

Getting back to politeness, your saying this thread is a waste of bandwidth is one of the more rude things posted recently...

Also, remember that your participation is optional. If you feel like it's a waste you can always just not click into the thread. (that was one of the things I mentioned in the first post of the first thread, and copied into the first post of THIS thread)

Many of the comments in this thread are by photographers debating the efficacy of masks. The responsible answer to that question, is to recommend people seek authoritative advice such as that offered by the World Health Organization:

Agreed. ...but when they seek the approved masks and they are not available, it is up to us to decide whether an un-approved mask is better than nothing. Our discussion may help along that time. By day, I'm a regulatory electrical engineer. A certified product has been confirmed to comply with certain safety requirements. An un-certified product is not necessarily bad; it's just not confirmed to comply. It's just like that with the masks.

Since people have actually died acting on the bad advice offered by self-appointed but uninformed experts (here's one instance: ), making an intentional decision to start a COVID-19 thread in which discussions of preventive measures and treatments will occur, comes with serious responsibilities. If just one uninformed comment or ill-advised recommendation is posted that just one person follows as guidance on how to prevent or treat coronavirus, and if that person gets sick or dies, we must ask if there is enough value in all the other comments to outweigh the tragedy of contributing to even one preventable illness or death?

People follow recommendations here at their own risk. My opinions and those of other users are not the opinions of DPR.

These COVID-19 threads are optional. Responsible participation in such threads is not. That's why I commented and why I included a link to the WHO coronavirus site. At this time under these extraordinary circumstances, we all have a responsibility to help others find informed answers to questions and expert guidance on how we can contribute to the cause of limiting the spread of this deadly disease.

That's good that you provided a link to a site known as an authority. But your insisting that we're all responsible to do that doesn't make it true.

There is no shortage of forums dedicated to the discussion of epidemics, pandemics and related topics. They're not in this site but they do exist. There is no shortage of sites offeringauthoritative and well-informed expert guidance on preventing or treating coronavirus. This site isn't among them but they do exist. Banning such threads on DPR would not limit anyone's access to informed answers to their questions about coronavirus. That action might limit their exposure to uniformed commentary and objectively bad advice.

You're a forum moderator. You started the thread and, in so doing, have taken on a big responsibility.

No, I have not. That's your opinion.

You have a responsibility to respond to questions about how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or to treat the illness by directing folks to sites and sources offering expert, authoritative guidance. You have a responsibility to become informed about this pandemic so that you're able to recognize and either call out or remove comments running clearly contrary to that expert guidance.

That's also your opinion and not a fact. (though I do try!)

To any person considering starting a thread to discuss COVID-19, including measures to prevent the spread of or treat the virus, but who is not prepared to accept responsibility for responding to misinformed commentary and directing people with questions to authoritative sources, I offer this advice: don't hit the "Post" button.

Who made YOU the ultimate authority on what everyone's responsibilities are?! We're all doing the best we can here, and people read and follow individual advice at their own risk. I do recommend following the advice of the World Health Organization and the US Center for Disease Control. Beyond that, it's up to the individual.

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