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I did not know the Marx brothers were Jewish Rich.  I was not attempting to be critical, only noting that times have changed.  Lots of things that before were said with no harm meant are now frowned upon.  Seinfeld often made jokes or references about his religion, but I knew it was his religion so didn't think much of it.  Lots of things were also said with meanings that were not so upstanding though.  That has mostly changed for the educated but I am not so sure about other factions of society.

In any case, I wish I had not written that as it appears to have you thinking a change in behaviour is needed.  Not for me at least.  You can not be blamed for liking the Marx brothers.  I watched them too long ago as a young lad:  Three Stooges, the Marx brothers and other inane shows of the times.  And going to the theatre often a short would be included prior to screening of the main attraction.  Your recollection of price is higher than mine.  I would get 25 cents to go to the movies for a Saturday matinee.  Ten cents to get in and a nickel for popcorn.  That left ten cents for a rainy day!


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