What Nikon camera for old manual lenses?

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Re: With my Df...

Having never had ir used a DF, what is it about them that you love so much that you wouldn’t trade up to a newer higher MP DSLR? The controls? Weight? Feel? Nostalgia? Having had a FM2 and F3HP I personally am attracted to their appearance for nostalgic reasons, but not enough to sway me from jumping to a D850 or maybe even a Z7. I always wanted a Hassie, but my wife snd I were invested in Nikon glass, and she through a fit when she saw the prices. Being able to mount all our lenses on a Z7 is making me think of trying a Z7 given a 30 day return policy. I have fave largish hands so a D810 felt nice, therefore I’m thinking s D850 would be just as comfortable. Which MFs are you finding for those prices?

AI or AI-S on a newer Nikon absolutely, pre-AI no way. But then again, I never owned anything pre-AI.

Pixel pitch? I have to say It totally escaped my mind and has me thinking.

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