Any rumors on the horizon about an m43 lens longer than 400mm?

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100% correct

Mark Ransom wrote:

Art_P wrote:

Mark Ransom wrote:

A 500mm lens on an m4/3 camera has a similar field of view as a 1000mm lens on a 35mm film camera. So your experience doesn't really compare until you add that 2x teleconverter.

Well, yes, if you are shooting at 400, but shooting at 3200, or even 1600, you can shoot at a faster shutter speed, resulting in less motion blur than w the film camera.

You're still missing my point. Experience with a 500mm lens on a film camera tells you NOTHING about using a 500mm lens on m4/3.

Using 500mm on a 35mm SLR or even using 500mm on a modern DSLR is totally different to using it on m4/3. People need to be careful what they wish for.

It's a lot easier on a DSLR or even APS-C which I do use as well with it. M4/3 is a different kettle of fish altogether. For a BIF handheld on m4/3 with the 500mm you learn new techniques really quickly in how to hold the lens and also how to find the darn thing in the EVF to start with.

All the best and yes, m4/3 or a 1" sensor using a 500mm is certainly not for everyone. Never tried a 1" sensor though with it.


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