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Re: Samsung messed up the implementation

Lee Jay wrote:

Jostian wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

Jostian wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

Panino Manino wrote:

Can we agree that this thing is a disaster (the camera)?


It probably has the best main camera and certainly the best telephoto camera of any phone.

rubbish, the p30 pro beats it at 5X optical zoom

No way, no how.

The P30 pro has a 14.5mm lens with an 8MP sensor behind it with 1 micron pixels working out to 253 pixels per degree.

The S20 Ultra has a 19mm lens with a 48MP sensor behind it with 0.8 micron pixels working out to 415 pixels per degree.

your obsession that more pixels equals better IQ is just not fact!

Your pictures aren't the same size and the top one is out-of-focus.

I tested the Ultra's tele at 1:1 (10x), and it was pixel-sharp.

My results in testing the zoom are that the 10X the zoom is pretttey darn sharp.  I have to agree with Lee Jay that is no problem with the 10X image sharpness with other taken at the same distance.

It is easy to make an error testing the S20 Ultra if you do not back away from the subject at higher zoom factors.   While at 1X you can shoot as close as 1 foot or less but more is always better for reduced geometricall distoration.

At 4X the minimum focus distance is around 2feet and at 10X it is 3 feet.  This is the smallest zoom factor that uses the 19mm telephoto as indicated in the EXIF data.

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