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Re: Satellite trails?

Jerry-astro wrote:

Optimus Primes wrote:

TonyGN10 wrote

Wow if those are in fact satellite trails I"ve never seen

I'm pretty certain that's what they are. I've often seen but never photographed (only recently taken up photography) them when up in the Scottish Highlands. Weather permitting, the skies are very clear there with little light pollution. We stay not too far from Faslane, the UK's Trident nuclear sub base and you can clearly see loads of satellites tracking overhead there!!

However perhaps someone with more knowledge in this area might be able to clarify/confirm what these streaks might be.

My first thought was meteors. Can you see them with the naked eye?

Yes, you often can, depending on their size and brightness

How fast do they move across the sky?

Quite quickly, often leaving an impressive trail as they burn up in the atmosphere. Keep in mind that they can be pretty elusive. Unless you’re photographing a known meteor shower, where they tend to come from a specific point in the sky, it’s hard to predict where they’ll show up. Catching a trail is mostly a matter of luck, though obviously using a UWA lens will increase your chances of capturing one. They will sometimes show up in 25s wide field shots of the Milky Way for example.

From my limited experience, the meteors I have seen move much more quickly and seemingly randomly ("shooting stars") than satellites. Satellites steadily move across the sky and remain visible for as long as light from the sun over the horizon glints off them, which can be for quite a long time. I was just lucky to catch at least one last night.

Great thread by the way!!

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