Sharpness comparison of all APS-C lenses

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Re: Sharpness comparison of all APS-C lenses

JohnNEX wrote:

The most controversial results will be the usual suspects:

the 16-70 f/4, where Alhadeff tests it as "very good" rather than "worst lens ever"

I've seen very good performance from other's 16-70s posted here but unfortunately I was never able to find one that worked that well.

the 16mm f/2.8 pancake (bad)


the 30mm f/2.8 Sigma ('only' good)


the 12mm f/2 Samyang (good), which was the major actual surprise for me

Never tried.

I would probably not bother comparing primes with zooms here. For what its worth, I think the rough ordering of the zooms is consistent with most other testings (depending on your opinion of the 16-70) and the ordering of the primes is also consistent with most other testings.

I liked that article and checked it out yesterday linked from another site.

I use the Sigma 16/1.4, 30/1.4, Sony 18-135 and agree with his ratings though my 16/1.4 can flirt with outstanding in some situations.

I'd move the Sony 20/2.8 into very good since it is for my application which is wide angle closeups sometimes with an achromatic diopter.

I'd put my Sigma 18-35/1.8 Art (on Sigma M11 adapter) in the outstanding category. It's still my "handful of primes"

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