45mm f1.8 AF problems only on Olympus bodies?

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45mm f1.8 AF problems only on Olympus bodies?

Anyone who has been on this forum over the last 8+ years like I have knows that there have been posts from people from time to time complaining about Olympus 45mm f1.8 AF problems.

My 45mm f1.8 fails to lock focus fairly often too, even on very, very easy to focus subjects. Subjects that my 14-150mm, 14-42mm EZ, 25mm f1.8, 20mm f1.7, 14mm f2.5, 9-18mm, etc. all snap right into focus. I posted about it a few years ago, I think. With the 45mm f1.8 when it fails to focus usually after 2 or 4 retries it will finally focus.

I bought my Olympus 45mm f1.8 in February 2015 and I have used it on my PEN-F, E-M10II, E-M10, and E-M5 since then. I have fairly often had this problem with inability to focus, hunting, etc. even in good light with a contrasty subject. Of course, in not so good light too. Today I went out with my Panasonic GX7II (GX85, GX80) that I bought recently and I used the 45mm f1.8 on it for the first time. All day I had zero AF problems with it on this body. In good light and even in very dim light with low contrast subjects. In other words, on the GX7II the 45mm f1.8 seems to AF the same as all my other m4/3 lenses on all my Olympus and Panasonic bodies. It makes me feel like the problem is in the Olympus firmware in all my bodies going back to my first one in May 2012 (E-M5) through all versions of firmware.

By the way, my lens has the latest 1.2 firmware. All my bodies have the latest firmware too.

Here are a couple of posts from a few months ago, but in the last 8 years there have been a fair number of others ones too:



I now wonder if everyone who has AF problems with this lens are using Olympus bodies?

Here is my GX7II user review:

Panasonic GX7II (GX85, GX80) is a wonderful camera


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