Any rumors on the horizon about an m43 lens longer than 400mm?

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Re: Any rumors on the horizon about an m43 lens longer than 400mm?

The FT 300mm F2.8 is my goto-lens for birds - if I don't have to carry it all day. Basically l use it with a tripod, too, so that makes about 6 kg extra weight to carry... But the quality is superb from wide open, no need to close down the aperture for that reason. The DOF... at close range, small birds, F2.8... What DOF?

I use the lens with EM1mk1 and mk2, mostly with mk2. SAF is fast and reliable (calibrated). CAF with BIF etc is slower, but with mk2 and the new firmware it is very useable. Not 100% keepers, but that happens newer anyway. Also depends on the background a lot. MMF1 and MMF3 used, no difference. With mk1 the SAF and single point focus are the way to go, mostly.

I have the old teleconverters, both 1.4x and 2x, so I have not tried the new ones. I have also them for the 40-150mm lens, so maybe some day I'll make a try... But with the old TC's, the EC14 gives a very nice 420mm lens F4, no need to stop down that either. Focus is fast etc, so a very much used combo. The EC20 makes a 600mm F5.7 (!) lens. Not so that the 0.1 F-stop difference means anything... The 600mm lens in mFT world is really something you don't need every day, a 1200mm eqv. Even aiming the lens to a bird is difficult, and I use the red dot finder for that. Not very useful for BIF... The focus gets slower, and, of course, there are more misses than with shorter lengths. And, all that air between you and the bird (or whatever) makes every trick to ruin the photo. Sometimes taking short sequences multiple times help to find a clear moment, sometimes not. But, when needed, that possibility is there to use. With the EC20 stopping down a bit also helps - even just to F6.3.

For fastest frame rates the Ft300mm lens has to be used full open - the aperture mechanism slows the frames down, the more the aperture is closed. Old tech... Of course the shutter speeds slows down too...

Short summary: A very nice lens with EM1-versions, if you want to carry it.


'The best camera in the world is the one you have with you when you need it' - Lenses for mFT-cameras

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