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mamallama wrote:

HRC2016 wrote:

I wonder if people who are wearing masks while out and about are doing it so that no one tries to speak with them.

There's a lot of information out there that explains wearing a regular surgical-type (non N95) mask does not protect you from coronavirus.

I read some website/blog where a photographer was talking about wearing an N95 when he was out and about. Not smart.

Wearing a mask is smart for at least two reasons.

1. You can have coronavirus, be asymptomatic and still spread the disease.

2. Wearing a mask discourages the wearer from touching their face with their hands which has been touching many surfaces.


3. can reduce a lot of accidental inhaling in of the virus by accident among crowded places (depending on the distance from the source of virus, the concentration of virus we are exposed etc),

4. while every people get the message across: no mask = higher risk (true or just a matter of comfort), the voluntarily self isolation by self awareness could be more effective than any loosely enforced regulatory requirement under the current shortage of mask,

... a lot can be carried on.

Hence, as there is only benefit of wearing a mask, why not doing it (save for the reason of not able to get one).


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