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I wonder if people who are wearing masks while out and about are doing it so that no one tries to speak with them.

There's a lot of information out there that explains wearing a regular surgical-type (non N95)mask does not protect you from coronavirus.

I've read that there is no point in wearing a mask unless it is YOU who is sick. It keeps an infected person from spewing the micro-droplets when coughing, sneezing, etc.

You probably noticed that in Japan, when a person has a cold or something, they wear a mask as a consideration to others. Same idea.

Right, but if the person wearing the mask isn't coughing, sneezing or has any other apparent symptoms ...

And if a person is sick then they shouldn't be out in public if they can help it.

I view it like I do smoking/vaping: a visible indicator of common sense.

Or maybe they're on their way to a bank robbery?

Have emphasised so many times, when a surgical class face mask can keep virus not spreading out from an infected person, we as a healthy person could be under similar protection from reducing chances of inhaling in the virus. Just as simple as that.

It is well documented (not recognised by WHO or some others yet), virus can be spreaded by asymptomatic virus carrier. If a virus carrier coughs or sneezes in street without your attention, if you walk into it right afterwards a mask can keep you safe.

Of course, proper wearing, use a qualified surgical class of mask instead of a thin piece of paper mask or those for hay fever only, and also the distance from a virus carrier as well as the concentration of virus we are exposed to etc are also the basic factors determining the risk.

N95 grade, or some less protective grade but better than surgical class of mask are of course the best. But these should be reserved for medical professionals who would have to deal with high risk situation only.

If we can take all sensible measures, a qualified surgical face mask should be viewed as an added protection especially we are in a street, inside underground train, public bus, office, shops or elevator etc where close contact is unavoidable.

If it can be a generally accepted concept by the public that no mask means higher risk, less people will dare to continue their normal daily life without a mask, or will limit their activity if they have a limited stock of mask. The result, more voluntarily isolation = lower risk of transmission.

Self awareness is always more effective than loosely enforced regulatory requirements while many still weight Covid19 a seasonal common flu.

This isn't rocket science and its effectiveness should have been proven in Asian countries/regions.

In China, it had contained the outbreak (after a long hard battle because of their late response). Wearing a mask in the public has been legally enforced (please if doing so the law enforcement units should well protect themselves. On earlier TV news footage police in the street check points did not wear any mask! Oh if they met a virus carrier, there will just be more new virus carriers back o their station/home).

In Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, people learnt from 2003 SARS so a sea of mask appeared voluntarily in the public once when the outbreak was reported. After cornered the few early imported cases, and found out and cut the local transmission routes, if not returning of tenths thousand of overseas studying students recently the local transmission should have been well contained 2 weeks ago.

It proved hat despite the weak protection offered by a humble, cheap surgical mask, it works.

I understand that if general public does not have enough stock of mask on household level (I have a regular inventory of 10 N95 and min a box of 50 surgical mask at home anytime from the 2003 SARS experience), and if the authorities also have not enough stock for themselves, public panic buy could just jeopardise the supply for medical personel who should have priority need. Not difficult o figure out the real meaning behind the sort of education.

I just have a very early written up here on DPR that under the current integration of Chinese business worldwide, plus Chinese travellers become the main source of international tourist, spreading of any infectious disease could be much faster and more severe than SARS in 2003. I urged members to start stocking reasonable minimum quantity of mask as well as other key disinfectant products and daily necessities when you still can back in February. If authorities can also starting preparation to deal with this virus, their advices might be difference from today.

In Hong Kong, >7.5 million people scrambled in a tiny piece of land, most streets are as crowded as peak summer hours of Oxford street in London. Underground or double deck buses are the major mean of transportation that are crowded as tin of sardine fish most of the time, people usually lives in small multi story apartment buildings with very close approximaty, we still saw only a few new cases everyday (before influx of retuning overseas studying students) instead of hundreds to thousand or even tenth thousand per day as currently in the west...

It is a chicken and egg issue. If everybody will wear a mask, the daily infection growth could be cut. Less pressure on medical service could mean earlier id of infected cases for isolation (a step not taken in UK) that can cut the spread. Earlier hospitalisation could also means less death. Just a cycle on how we deal with it and when we deal with it.

No activity is the best. But could it be strictly enforced? Why not let (educate) people know the risk of not wearing a mask. It can keep the public put on certain basic minimum protection if they really have to go out, or reduce their outgoing under shortage of mask. It could cut down a lot of risk already. When we are told mask is unnecessary (or actually means medical staff need it more, so sacrifice yourselves please?), it just tears down the minium public defense. It is not ideal for highly infectious virus and when 1 virus carrier escape from the radar into the community, transmission will get out of control very quickly.

Wearing mask in fact can protect others and you. Can't understand why an Asian wearing a mask in the public this period of time would be discriminated in the West?

Take care.

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