Any rumors on the horizon about an m43 lens longer than 400mm?

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Re: Any rumors on the horizon about an m43 lens longer than 400mm?

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A native 500/5.6 would sell like hotcakes. Oly and Panny both have the ability to make such a beast, and Sigma could jump in any old time as far as I'm concerned.

Without dual IS such a long lens would be nearly impossible to hand hold. That makes a Sigma a long shot. However if you want such a lens today you can probably adapt one from a different mount

A great non-mft candidate that can be adapted already exists. The Canon 400mm f4 DOii. Works well with TCs too. Wonder if anyone who has one, has tried it on an E-M1... It does cost almost $7000 though

Won’t a fast lens with the kind of compactness being wished for in this thread have to be a diffractive optic lens or a mirror lens? I can’t see a regular lens design being more compact than existing 300mm f4 or upcoming 150-400mm f4.5... anything brighter Will be heavier and bigger.

I suggest that anyone fortunate enough to come by an EF400mm F4 DO II would be much better served by using it with a native Canon body. The 90D with its 32 Mp APS-C sensor has about the same pixel density as a 20Mp 4/3 sensor, and the AF performance will far exceed what you’d get using a m.43 adapter


Couldn't agree with you more. Anyone with a current gen exotic Canon lens is better served by a Canon body.

Off topic, but since it came up, Canon's new 32MP APS-C sensor does look pretty good, doesn't it? Pixel density more than Sony A7R4 in APS-c crop mode!! I thought about getting an EOS M6 Mkii as its dual pixel AF and 14 fps looks really good in review videos. But its a step down from mft bodies in a lot of other ways... and i really didn't want to go back to an OVF on the 90D. They'll probably come out with a mirrorless model that has a built in EVF and the same sensor at some point of time. If and when that comes out, it would be a larger, but compelling alternative to mft in terms of cost to focal range. The Sigma 150-600mm lens with an EOS-M adapter gives good as native AF speeds and goes to 960mm equivalent, with the option of adding TCs. Interesting times for birders.

I'm using the 7DII and hoping that Canon produces a 7DIII with the 90D sensor, but if the 7D line is now finished I hope they take the 90D sensor into the EOS R system.

I use my Canon 300mm and 100-400mm with a Metabones adapter on the E-M1 II.
I only get S-AF, but the reach and IQ is very good


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