Why do lenses need AF calibration?

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now you've got it

Yep, must be you. The fact that you get great results with other cameras is merel coincidence.

Actually, the 995 makes it a bit easier because of the larger DOF. But I think it has more to do with the AF, actually. At least they can design that AF for ONE lens.

Jerry Allen wrote:

As a Digital SLR newby, I've come to the realization with the help
of others, "it is all me" I am convinced that my 10D will be a
great, super sharp, picture producing camera, just as soon as I
learn how to run it. I am convinced! Yet every time I take a macro
of something with my 10D and take the same macro with my 995,
process the images and my critics pick the 995 image over the
10D... I lie about the camera used. It has to be the operator,
after all this advanced tool is beyond my meager brain to
comprehend. 3 other digital cameras 3 megapixel or higher and the
technology of the 10D has me baffled.

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