An aspect of the X-Pro3 LCD was possibly being snowed under in that other thread ...

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An aspect of the X-Pro3 LCD was possibly being snowed under in that other thread ...

... but maybe deserves a closer look.

As a friendly request here: not every thread about the X-Pro3 is an open invitation for a lashing out fest.

I get it that for some regulars here it was the end of the world. In reality it is a camera and an offer for those who feel like it has something to offer that other cameras don't. The X-Pro series has the hybrid viewfinder, which lets people "see" outside the frame. This is not for everyone. I get it.

And then it has a "different" LCD screen that some people can tolerate, some simply can't and then there are some who seem to feel some rage within.

I am the only one under the sun who really likes the screen! Apart from Palle Schultz that is. And here is why (repeating myself I know, but think that this is maybe something to consider):

  • The operation of the screen is simple and fast
  • It works as a switch to change over from EVF to LCD. This goes extremely fast

This is of course extremely "niche" as this only benefits those who have a keen puppy who will give you exactly one nano-second to:

  1. Make up your mind to bend down and take a picture
  2. To come up again, close the screen as if nothing has happened.

I simply noticed that since I had the X-Pro3 I use low viewpoints far more often than I do with other cameras. When I use my X-T3 I make up my mind about changing the EVF to LCD by pressing the view-mode button /awkward enough position if you ask me, why has nobody ever criticized this debacle button?? (makes you wonder doesn't it??).

Then you can fold out the screen, holding it on the lower left and side (I use a bottom plate so can't pull it up from the bottom, if that is actually possible at all??).

Then bend down and take the shot, fold the screen flat and then press the view-mode button twice to get back to where you were before.

Spot the difference??

The X-Pro3 offers - possibly utterly unintentionally - a rather smooth flow between using the EVF and the LCD. The X-T3 does not.

Still not convinced?? Ah well then it will be just me and Palle ...


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