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Re: Laughter

19andrew47 wrote:

There is little doubt about the 'tribes' observation WN, as those that post there regularly do not post here, other than yourself, but that is recent. Most that post here I think do it in a social sense coupled with the fact it is interesting to see images from around the globe and to converse with the posters. I am not sure anyone is looking for critique, again, other than yourself. I don't mind critique but am not actively seeking it. The act of giving critique is tiresome for me. I lose interest quickly as I find it too much like work! I hosted that thread for a few years and had lost the desire to continue. I still visit it most weeks but do not comment much any more and even more rarely post an image.

When I looked at your image the first thing that I saw was not the laughter but the hands of the woman on the right side. Her response was more eye catching for me than the one with the dropped jaw. I think I am feeling depressed from being 'locked up'!


Thanks for the comment, Andrew ... what seemed strange to me is that I pointed to my set over here when I posted a picture in C&C ... and a couple member were kind enough to comment, but brought those comments back to C&C rather than say anything over here ...  , There seems to be rule that one doesn't comment where one doesn't post.  .... There was a time after you left C&C when I thought the quality dropped and that the C&C had become more like any other picture tread .. I think it really needs your hand on method of bringing that Thread,  I suspect that it demands more of the host to guide the discussion ...

Stay well and don't get depressed ...  things always and constantly change.  ....


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