My first Macro shot feedback

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Re: My first Macro shot feedback

John Koerner wrote:

Donald B wrote:

Ive seen some really nice close up images using it but they never discuss there processing workflow .There's a guy that has some impressive phone close ups. I would like to match.

Yes, there are many photographers whose post-processing skills are out of this world. I have improved my own, but only marginally. I use Nik software plugins, and (sometimes layers) to do certain work.

Funny that you bring this up, because I had just told myself I am going to look up some YouTube tutorials over the weekend (not for tonemapping specifically), but to try to broaden my usage of software to process my images better.


To be honest im hopeless at PP I cant even use layers. i just cant get my head around it so i compromise and use twin screens and twin images if i have to.


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