Any rumors on the horizon about an m43 lens longer than 400mm?

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Re: handholding 500mm

Mark Ransom wrote:

Art_P wrote:

Mark Ransom wrote:

Without dual IS such a long lens would be nearly impossible to hand hold. That makes a Sigma a long shot. However if you want such a lens today you can probably adapt one from a different mount.

In my film days I had a Samyang 100-500, 7.1 at the long end, but you really had to shoot at f8. There was of course no stabilization.

Yes, I occasionally shot that handheld w 400 speed film. No, results weren't stellar, but passable. (W the 2x added, I did need a tripod)

A 500mm lens on an m4/3 camera has a similar field of view as a 1000mm lens on a 35mm film camera. So your experience doesn't really compare until you add that 2x teleconverter.

I have an MF 500/8 cat lens and IBIS does a pretty convincing job taming viewfinder bounce (versus no IBIS). IMHO acquiring and centering the subject is more important than having the absolute lowest possible shutter speed when using long teles. I tend to keep SS pretty high.

Dual-IS is icing on a very good cake, of course because you get the best of both worlds.



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