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Rich Z
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Assorted and Unsifted

Here's group of pix which didn't fit into previous posts.  They do not belong together.

In front of a vacant house in Eureka.  I liked the pink.

Groucho and Chico looking at a map in "The Cocoaonuts."

Groucho: "That's a viaduct leading to the mainland.

Chico:  " Whyaduck?

Groucho:  "The viaduct crosses between the levees."

Chico:  "It must be a Jewish neighborhood."

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Sorry, I think it's funny.  Blame it on the (not) duck.

At the mouth of Humboldt Bay.  The tracks are, one human, one dog, a bunch of raccoons, and something I wonder about on the left.

The Coast Guard doing fog training.

I caught the egret just as it saw me and tried to ruin my pic.

I caught this egret in mid fluff.

Making sunset pix on Trinidad Bay.  I tried one through the trees.

An expensive RV park on Eureka Slough, just a short walk from home.  I liked the Smartie facing off the monster.  I also thought of Dave as he would feel at home beneath this sky.  Then, I realized he would not feel at home if he saw all the vehicles designed to be driven on the proper side of the road.

At the Harley shop on Eureka Slough.  This might be it for Harley Davidson.  Tarriffs, poor design and quality control, plus their customer base is dying of old age.  Their CEO just quit.  This one has a 1900cc engine which weighs as much as the 1800cc engine in my KIA but makes less HP.  It's not good for going around corners with all that cast iron up high.

The engine does make ungodly amounts of torque and will spin that meaty tire.  Lots of torque is great for tractors, not so useful in motorcycles.  It does make shifting gears unnecessary.

That's all.  Rich

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