GF 50mm+MF sensor+Xpro3 body = Shut up and take my money. Locked

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Got it... and a small request

Trollshavethebestcandy wrote:

Jerry-astro wrote:

I'm sure you're having some fun trolling the forum with this thread, and honestly, it's just entertaining enough that I'll resist the urge to lock it and move on [for now]. Meanwhile, at some point, hopefully the laws of physics might enter into the conversation, because so far, they've pretty well been ignored here.

Frankly, I'd also like to be able to fly from Portland to NYC in 5 minutes or so, too. And if the airlines could manage that, they could also "shut up and take my money." However, since they're also bound by the laws (and limitations) of physics, I won't expect to see that happen anytime soon... same goes with your wishlist item. Good luck with that.

Finally, you might consider the fact that MF cameras aren't large simply because designers think that photographers want huge cameras. There might be some other reasons behind it.

You have to have some humor... Please don’t take the human element out of photography and discussing itv and turn it into a sterile Spock like discussion. I know that you don’t know me from dirt, but I am actually hilarious in real life. I love my X100 and dream of a similar camera for making landscape images. Now if I wanted a 4x5 sensor in an Olympus XA rangefinder than I would be looney tunes. I respectfully implore you to dream a little bit.

PS. I miss my XA that was stolen.

Believe it or not, I really do have a pretty well developed sense of humor as well (I’ve been told it may be the only sense I have). I might suggest gently that in this rather contentious environment we’re all in, sometimes attempts at humor can be easily missed. Let me request that you employ simple things like and other such “tools” to make it more clear to us sometimes dense Mods who have to wade through lots of posts while trying to keep the peace. Humor and trolling can be closely related and at times difficult to distinguish. I appreciate your clarification, but please do consider helping those of us who might be just a touch “humor [humour] challenged” these days.

Fair enough?

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