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Rich Z
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Re: 34 Dodge Four Door Sedan

That's a great picture and great PP, Andrew.  The Dodge even looks good all perverted and down low to the ground.  Dodge and Ford used almost identical grilles.  I always wondered who copied.

I have a plastic milk crate with a very thick, HD sleeping bag in it for belly shots.  I keep it in the boot of my car.  I put the bag on the ground to make a soft place to lie for my knees and I have the crate to help me get down and especially back up.  I haven't used it for years.

WhyNot is likely one of those skinny old men with good knees.  Bless his heart.  People who brag get warts.    Steve Keys was also a skinny old man with good knees.  He couldn't have weighed 135 pounds and would levitate to the ground at 73 years of age.  The first time I saw him do that I got annoyed and almost kicked him while he was down.  I told him that and he laughed heartily and did it again, but using only one leg.     Rich

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