Just remapped 5700's CCD.....

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Lamont, good question...

Lamont E. Earles wrote:

Dave Van Patten

WOW very brave of you to do this! Is this only done for " Hot
Pixels"? or does it correct anything else? Not so much for my
CP5700 but anyone else that might read this? Mine is working great
Love this camera! Thanks Dave...............Lamont :> )


At the bottom of this web page is the only tutorial I found to go by. In his example, there were separate remaps of "hot" vs "dead(black)" pixels. In the version I downloaded and ran, there was only "read defective" and "remap." I don't know if I had any dead pixels, it was the big blooming pink one in the middle of every shot that finally made me try the remap.
Thanks for reading......keep on clicking!
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