GF 50mm+MF sensor+Xpro3 body = Shut up and take my money. Locked

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Re: GF 50mm+MF sensor+Xpro3 body = Shut up and take my money.

Truman Prevatt wrote:

There are a lot of na sayers out there. Fuji has the reputation of doing some strange things. For example Fujifilm is the only camera company to produce a medium format (120) range finder film camera, affectionally known as "The Texas Leica." It shoots 6x9 on 120 roll film.

It didn't sell a Hell of a lot but it was a great camera. Then they lease a body (D200 body) from Nikon and take over the Nikon name and put on theirs and put in a unique sensor and call it the SPro3 and SPro5. No need to design lenses - it used Nikon F mount lenses.

The the XPro line is sort of out there - the only mirrorless (other than Leica) with an integrated optical finder in a fully mirrorless body. Some love it - some hate it. With cameras, Fuji has always sort of nibbled around the edges of unique products. Could it be made smaller than the GFX50 R in a fixed lens camera. Probably yes if it used an in lens shutter - thus eliminating the entire shutter mechanism. Could they get it smaller than an XPro3 - probably not as the sensor is significantly larger.

While they probably won't do what you want - you just never know with Fuji. To tell you the truth if they did it, I be second in like to buy it.

Thank you for a great response

May the Fuji gods be with you.

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