Any rumors on the horizon about an m43 lens longer than 400mm?

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Re: Any rumors on the horizon about an m43 lens longer than 400mm?

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A native 500/5.6 would sell like hotcakes. Oly and Panny both have the ability to make such a beast, and Sigma could jump in any old time as far as I'm concerned.

Without dual IS such a long lens would be nearly impossible to hand hold. That makes a Sigma a long shot. However if you want such a lens today you can probably adapt one from a different mount

A great non-mft candidate that can be adapted already exists. The Canon 400mm f4 DOii. Works well with TCs too. Wonder if anyone who has one, has tried it on an E-M1... It does cost almost $7000 though

Won’t a fast lens with the kind of compactness being wished for in this thread have to be a diffractive optic lens or a mirror lens? I can’t see a regular lens design being more compact than existing 300mm f4 or upcoming 150-400mm f4.5... anything brighter Will be heavier and bigger.

I suggest that anyone fortunate enough to come by an EF400mm F4 DO II would be much better served by using it with a native Canon body. The 90D with its 32 Mp APS-C sensor has about the same pixel density as a 20Mp 4/3 sensor, and the AF performance will far exceed what you’d get using a m.43 adapter


Couldn't agree with you more. Anyone with a current gen exotic Canon lens is better served by a Canon body.

Off topic, but since it came up, Canon's new 32MP APS-C sensor does look pretty good, doesn't it? Pixel density more than Sony A7R4 in APS-c crop mode!! I thought about getting an EOS M6 Mkii as its dual pixel AF and 14 fps looks really good in review videos. But its a step down from mft bodies in a lot of other ways... and i really didn't want to go back to an OVF on the 90D. They'll probably come out with a mirrorless model that has a built in EVF and the same sensor at some point of time. If and when that comes out, it would be a larger, but compelling alternative to mft in terms of cost to focal range. The Sigma 150-600mm lens with an EOS-M adapter gives good as native AF speeds and goes to 960mm equivalent, with the option of adding TCs. Interesting times for birders.

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