What Nikon camera for old manual lenses?

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Re: With my Df...


MF can be cheaper than you think. I am looking at $1700 for a body and then three lenses in the $300 range each. Decent, one generation old, used equipment. So, start with that and see what I think. Much less than a D850 or a Z7.

That Df is probably the last camera body I will buy new. And, I am uncomfortable buying 135 format equipment used. Not so medium format.

There is a list of technical reasons I really don't want all those MP in a 24x36mm sensor and would rather go 33x44mm instead. Now, I might go 36 MP in 24x36mm, but I can go 40 MP in 33x44mm for a lot less.

After I evaluate that for my uses, I will see where I go from there. I am in no great hurry.

But, back to the old Nikon manual focus lenses, I find myself using my old glass more often than I do the newer AF and AFS. I didn't use the old stuff anywhere near as much before the Df.


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