What Nikon camera for old manual lenses?

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Re: With my Df...


No, I haven't tried it out. I have seen enough reports regarding the subject to accept it and not go through a bunch of effort to see just how lenses from the Pre-AI and AI film era do on a D850. Or even the AF lenses from the F4 era.

Besides, the D850 and Z7 sport too small a pixel pitch. Trying to stuff too many pixels in too small an area. I'd rather put the 50 MP into 44x33mm than 24x36mm. Now, maybe going the 36 MP route would be fine. That works for me, but the cost is a bit too much for me to get one to experiment with. Renting is out as no one locally rents a 36 MP. Besides, it'd take me quite a while to go thru this collection and then the rental cost adds up.


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