What Nikon camera for old manual lenses?

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Re: What Nikon camera for old manual lenses?

mais51 wrote:

RJSinNY wrote:

What did you guys think about the image quality from my ancient 85mm AI lens on my D750? I only cropped out parts of the chair around her, no post processing.

Great photo - do you know why people don't offer any comment ? because she is your daughter.

Really? Well, I just want to know what folks think of the picture. Everyone’s daughter is the most beautiful girl in the world. Am I right, or am I right?

Anyway, I am legally blind.completely blind in the right, and I have only a very narrow field of view - about 16* in my right eye, and the vision I have can only be corrected to 20/50. My wife just tells me most of my pictures are fabulous because that’s part of her job now. I want truth.

in this case, looking at it on my iMac it looks good, but I don’t have a newer version for comparison. So, my daughter aside, I was curious about the IQ and how well it is focused. I love that focus dot in the viewfinder, but I wonder how accurate it really is.
Love the honesty, no appreciation for rudeness, Either way a great hobby. It just was greater when I could jump in the car. Drive to the ocean and anywhere else.

I’m 1hr north of NYC and would love to have a drink or two, or four and just discus Photography with anyone interested

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