8k with m43 in time for Olympics?

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If they want to. It’s a question of product strategy.

Sony has parts for order. And Sharp has had access to 8k m43 sensors for a long time now, they just haven’t brought their product to market.

I have my own theory as to why Olympus doesn’t introduce an 8k capable camera, but that’s all it is as long as we don’t have access to Olympus’ boardroom. 
That theory being that they have a long heritage culturally of fitting things into levels or tiers, and have grown accustomed the last couple of decades of digital imaging to associate level with sensor resolution. Like the rest of the industry, they have milked upgraders with small 15% steps in linear resolution every few years, but they have fallen a bit behind the industry curve resolution wise, so for them to introduce an 8k capable sensor requires them to take a step that doesn’t fit the traditional cadence in terms resolution levels, and they don’t know how to handle it marketing wise. So they iterate with what they have instead. 
Basically - product matrix conservatism.

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