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Re: Okay, I'll Bite on this one with a NON-FUJI Camera...HERESY!

Jerry-astro wrote:

SigmaChrome wrote:

Excellent shot, Bob.

Watch out Jerry will fry you. If he doesn't I will be VERY disappointed, especially after the massive lecturing he has slathered on me.

"Massive lecturing." "Slathered." Can you feel the sympathy... C'mon.

Bob and I usually only "fry" each other via PM. We have to try to appear that we're on the same page.

But seriously... did I just accidentally beam into the "Exaggeration Forum." I didn't even realize that DPR had one.

Well, they do now and you've started it, Jerry.

Oh yeah... BTW, great shot, Bob.

BTW, now I AM very disappointed.

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