Anybody still shooting APS, or is it really dead?

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Re: Anybody still shooting APS, or is it really dead?

I have a big bag of APS film that I use in a Minolta Vectis S1 that I use with a full set of lenses .

I've not used it for about two years though , I'm after adapting a film spool to the right size so I can develop the film myself .

Just not gotten around to it .

I also have a Canon IX that has the advantage that it can use any EF lens , unlike the Vectis V mount camera that has only a small selection of lenses .

Nikon also had the right idea sticking with F mount .

Developing's not a problem at a lab , but it's getting expensive .

The scans were pretty poor too from the last lot .

I also want to see if I can refill the spools with some of my bulk film after slitting it down a bit .

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