No love for the 35mm f1.8?

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Re: No love for the 35mm f1.8?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

vegetaleb wrote:

From the reviews it looks like the 50mm has better sharpness wide open and CA.

Why choose on the basis of specification alone?

Surely the main purpose of a prime covering 35mm or a zoom covering 35mm is the unique angle of view you get shooting at 35mm

Yes, comparing the 50 to the 35 makes no sense, unless you are also comparing an FX sensor with the 50 and a DX SENSOR with the 35, whose angle or field of view is about the same as a 50 on an FX camera. The 35 1.8s isn't a slouch. It is probably the best 35 Nikon has offered for either F mount or Z mount cameras. That does not mean that other brands aren't better than the S. But people like me, who don't like using the FTZ adapter (yes, at the time of purchase I spent $150 on it), that would be the only game in town, unless I choose to use my 28 1.8G, which is wider, or my 24-70 f4 which doesn't have the same low light capability as the 35 1.8s.

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