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X-Pro3 - Why no love?

It seems that the X-Pro3 receives very little attention in these forums. Any idea why? I know the rear display is polarizing, but I'm certain that they're selling a fair number of copies.

I recently purchased a Dura Black copy and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the camera. The hidden screen is awesome and is a stoke of genius. Protects the screen from everyday carry, protects it from face oils, protects your night vision in the dark, yet it's easily accessible if/when it's needed. I don't chimp and never have, but if I do need to view an image I'll view it in the EVF anyway since the LCD is always washed out in daylight. I even love the Dura coating -- fingerprints give it a mottled look that's visually interesting, sort of like a classically blued firearm.

My only complaint is why on earth did they remove the click feature from the front command dial? They make the front command dial potentially control three different parameters, but the only way to toggle between those is to assign one of the valuable function buttons to the selector action.

One suggestion for Fuji product devs, if any read these forums -- make the viewfinder Q menu behave differently. Right now, you toggle between Q menu options using the rear command dial and shutter button. Instead make it so that options pop up similarly to how the touch screen Q menu behaves so that the joystick is used to scroll through options and a click selects items.

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