Gitzo 3 series vs 5 series systematics.

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Re: Gitzo 3 series vs 5 series systematics.

PGSanta wrote:

The new GXP is the one I was considering. I've been very happy with an Ultimate that I have used. The GXP is rated to a higher load than the BH-55 (I know load ratings by manufacturers are suspect),

Whatever the manufacturers claim their ball heads can hold, there is a significant difference between 38mm and 55mm ball. The difference is in surface area that is needed for holding the load, but maybe the most important difference is in the ergonomics. It is much easier to adjust the framing with a bigger ball.

When using a small ball head, I understand why someone praise gear heads. When using a bigger ball head, one don't need a gear head, at least not for landscapes.

I would not spoil a rigid tripod like the one you have choosed, with a too small ball head. But of course, the ball head is easy to swap out when the needs arise.

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