Canon M50 vs Lumix GX85

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Re: Canon M50 vs Lumix GX85

I recently made a similar decision between these two systems. Here is what I would suggest.

The Panasonic system is a good option. The 12-32 is a nice little lens and it gives you a longer lens. The image quality is not quite as good due to the 16MP sensor and slightly smaller size than the M50's 24MP APSC. Also, none of your options include a lower light lens like the 22 f2 for Canon.

The Canon 15-45 isn't the best lens in photography, but just fine for casual family photos. I have used both and think the 12-32 is a little better, but not incredibly so. The 22 f2 is very nice and a great, small companion for the M50, but you have nothing longer than 45, which would be pretty limiting. I would either look for the 55-200 kit or even better, swap the 15-45 for the 18-150. In the end, I chose Canon.

1. I prefer the native format of APSC rather than the 4:3 of the Panasonic.

2. The autofocus of the Canon is better. DFD is better than the Panasonic contrast detect AF.

3. Canon colors are just better than Panasonic. Not that Panasonic is bad, but Canon is better.

4. If you are looking for small system size, all of the M lenses are very small. It makes a great, small system, smaller than a lot of micro four thirds systems.

You would be happy with either I'm sure, but I think the M system is better if they have the lenses you are likely to buy.

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