Recommendations svp - best android photo phone

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Panino Manino
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Re: Recommendations svp - best android photo phone

Richard_CC wrote:

Agree with Jostian. Huawei might overtake Apple in global phone sales so had to be stopped.

Xiaomi just overtook Huawei during this crysis.

Sactojim wrote:

If you trust the Chinese, you are out of touch. Sorry, it has nothing to do with any "trade deals" and why Huawei has been fined millions of dollars by the US and other countries.

Is not a matter of trusting the chinese government or not, it's more "do you care? How much will it really affect you?" Because for most of the world THE ENEMY is NOT China, is the USA.
I known for a fact that your country (are you a murrican?) attacked mine. We know for a fact that the USA is trying to get into every computer in the world. What's the point in avoiding a chinese phone because of the "risks" while buying electronics from companies that cooperate with the USA government?

I would gladly buy as many chinese products if this helps then to fμ©k with the USA.

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