800mm for flowers

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Re: 800mm for flowers

I can see the draw, you do get a decent depth of field from the long focal length (I've done 85mm-1500mm shots). But something else to try out is to use very weak macro filters on a lens. Just something that will ever so slightly shorten your minimum focusing distance, and that will cream out the background even with a shorter lens (or cream it out the same or more from a closer distance with that lens).

Having used a 1500mm lens, even then, the distance the background is from the subject is still important to getting things creamy. So really, you can achieve this effect with a shorter lens and a weak macro filter, possibly with a few benefits. Obviously your depth of field will suffer a bit (but not necessarily enough to be an issue), but even if you need stop up to f/14 or so to compensate to get more in focus, you'll still have a creamier background than without the filter at f/6.

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