DSLR/mirrorless just for vlogging

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Re: DSLR/mirrorless just for vlogging

Yeah, the terminology can be confusing! For me if you're facing the camera, then you're doing a 'piece to camera' and you'll ideally want a flip-screen and reliable face-detect autofocus. The M50 will give you that plus the mic input which will be critical for your music recording. Vlogging is a subset of pieces-to-camera which are - in my view - more casual, often handheld and often while walking. So in addition to a flip screen and good AF, you'd need decent stabilisation and a wideish lens, but for your application, that's not necessary. In fact from a fixed position you also have the chance to employ some different lenses and distances to achieve various effects. Have a look at my Sigma saves EOS M video where I do some pieces to camera on an M6 II using 16, 30 and 56mm lenses.

As for battery, video is power hungry, so you will burn through them. Spares are always useful, as is the ability to run off USB power. I use a Sony A6400 which has great 1080 and 4k video, great AF and the while the battery is poor, I can power it over USB. The more recent Sony A6600 had a bigger battery which recorded for ages in my tests. Sadly the M50 does not support USB power or even USB charging, so if you go for it, you'll need to buy some spare batteries. Even the latest M6 II won't support USB power.

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