GFX 50R w/50 vs Sony A7R IV vs RX1R II

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Re: GFX 50R w/50 vs Sony A7R IV vs RX1R II

Paul wrote:

nothing can beat the RX1RII when it comes to size and nobody will look at you when you point it at them....its small, has way better af then the fuji and the lens is great...

it does have the older A7RII sensor which is slightly behind the A7RIII in DR and color, I have both, there is a difference....I dont consider the A7RIV better then the A7RIII, just more pixels (and better AF)...which some people might need....

the gfx50 is a different beast, slower, AF cant compare to either Sony but files are slightly better, the RX1RII maybe having a little advantage because of its "look" but of course yo can mount pretty much any lens on the other Sonys or the fuji.....

the size of the RX1RII really puts it into its own class, the files are probably 95% of the time impossible to tell apart but you can shoot kids running around with it.....battery life might be the only really need 2 extra for a full day....

the gfx really has a different more focussed and maybe limited but ultimately maybe more rewarding use, not as fast, bigger, battery life is ok but the files are just better if you dig in....

the real problem is that if you need a fast, all around quality system that gets the job done, neither the GFX nor the RX1RII are the best solution.....A7RIII or IV is closer in IQ to the GFX, put a small pancake on it and it really outshines the RX and the rest of the time it will handle anything and everything from portraits to sports to video better then anything.....

Very valid point for most people. My situation was that I already own a nearly full set of Fuji xt lenses and several bodies. Love them on the street and at any action oriented shoot. So I was really reluctant to start a FF body and lens gas-athon. With the GF line, I bought the 50-50 setup and plan to get the 30mm when it comes out and that is it. All the rest are just monsters that I would never want to lug around. They defeat the purpose of my casual hikes through that local parks. When I see these guys hiking up mountains with several kilos of gear on their backs, it makes me shudder.  This is strictly for my nature walks and it does feel nice to slow down and not be firing off bracket this and bracket that. I really like the body and lens setup. So yes, different strokes for different folks.

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