Gitzo 3 series vs 5 series systematics.

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Re: Gitzo 3 series vs 5 series systematics.

Hamiltionian wrote:

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  1. Richard B99 wrote:

PGSanta wrote:

Trying to make up my mind between a Gitzo 5543ls, 3543, or 4553.

This will be a dedicated landscape tripod, and I'm also interested in dabbling in some longer than normal long exposure stuff. The heaviest thing I’d put on one right now is a 70-200 and a full frame body.

Height wise I’d like 54 inches or higher. I have a dedicated travel tripod, so I don’t really need it to be compact, but it is something I will hike with.

I had decided on the 5543, but I’m starting to think it’s overkill and I’d be better off with the more flexible (pun intended) 4553, or a 3 series.

Curious if anyone has been in a similar spot, and if they regretted the 5 series or vice versa.

Personally I’d be happy with a 3 series (Long version) systematic for that and more. Oh, I am! Never regretted it.

But worth noting that the head is perhaps even more critical for stability and good working performance than the legs.

I’ve been leaning Acratech GXP or RRS BH-55. I think I’m going to go with the Acratech.

If you are going with a 5 series tripod, it would be a crime to pair it with the Acratech. The Acratechs aren't stiff enough to pair well with those legs. The BH-55 is more reasonable.

The new GXP is the one I was considering. I've been very happy with an Ultimate that I have used. The GXP is rated to a higher load than the BH-55 (I know load ratings by manufacturers are suspect), so I would think it would perform similarly. Recent reviews have been pretty positive. I've been doing a lot of stuff in windy beach situations, and I really like the idea of Acratech's open design vs. a closed design because it's been a pain to clean everything.

EDIT:  I guess the GXP and BH-55 are both rated at 50 lbs.

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