Is the D780 still a good camera in 2020?

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Repair yours(when service is available again).

Despite being relatively new to Nikon and professional photography(Canon user for many years), one thing I can say with confidence is that the d750, despite it's age, is still a very relevant body.  I have yet to read anything to the contrary that isn't picking nits.  I love mine.  I use it for real estate/architechtural/design photography and it is great.  I'm the only restriction, not the camera.  The dynamic range of the sensor and 24Mp image size works really well for what we do.  But I'm sure you already know that.

I will likely just get mine repaired, depending on when that's needed and if still possible.  I've only had mine a year and about 10k actuations.  I am interested in the mirrorless direction in which the market is heading but the only things that I would want in a newer camera are an EVF(which isn't that important) and most importantly a sensor with a greater dynamic range.  Nikon hasn't put out anything yet that's got me interested and I'm not wanting to switch systems.

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